Karl W. Blovet & Associates

Karl W. Blovet provides a number of financial services to Chicago area clients:

Full Retainer: Preparation of a comprehensive financial plan including full implementation plus ongoing advice and consultation. The retainer covers as many meetings as necessary to develop and implement the plan plus continued follow up. Renewable annually. Ongoing services include tax planning, investment review, and assistance with other financial issues as they arise.

Financial Plan: Preparation of a comprehensive financial plan with limited implementation assistance and no ongoing services. Usually includes three to four meetings. This service is appropriate for clients who desire a comprehensive plan but feel comfortable implementing the majority of the plan themselves and do not desire ongoing services.

Financial Tune-Up: This is a one-time, two hour planning session. Primarily a financial overview or focusing on a specific set of issues. This service is an affordable alternative to clients who desire a second opinion, financial check up, or advice on a limited set of issues. It includes one follow up contact (telephone or e-mail) approximately one month after the initial meeting. The client provides the requested documents and data at least one week in advance of the initial meeting.