Karl W. Blovet & Associates

The process of comprehensive financial planning is both art and science. It formulates and monitors decisions that enable you and your family to achieve your financial goals. It involves the management of personal financial risks through cost benefit analysis. And it capitalizes on personal and financial strengths while managing financial risks and weaknesses.

Our financial planning process begins with a complimentary consultation during which we discuss your goals and concerns to determine how best to advise you, paying close attention to your financial strengths and weaknesses. We will gather information about your current status, and work with you to prioritize your goals. We will then develop strategies to achieve those goals and help you implement them.

Your financial planning needs will change over time as your life circumstances change, and we will adapt or change your arrangements appropriately. External forces such as changing tax laws, interest rates and market conditions may also require adjustments to your plans and objectives. Together, we will decide how often we should meet to review your plan and ensure that you are on target to meet your goals.

Our approach is holistic. As your financial planner, we examine your overall financial picture to create a carefully constructed plan. We do not sell any products and do not present pre-designed plans. Services are provided on a fee-only basis. We have no minimum income or net worth requirements.

What we offer as your financial planner:

  • Cash flow management: We will develop cash flow models in which short and long term expenditures are anticipated and appropriately funded.
  • Insurance Planning: We will analyze your current personal and employer provided insurance coverage, as well as your capital needs to determine the optimal level of life and disability insurance. This includes an analysis of property/casualty coverage including homeowner’s, auto, and umbrella liability contracts.
  • Retirement Planning: We will review you current retirement plans to maximize accumulations while minimizing taxes on distributions. We will analyze whether you are on track for your targeted financial independence goals.
  • Tax Planning: We can proactively plan financial transactions to minimize current and future tax liabilities.
  • Investment Management: We will analyze your current portfolio to ensure that the mix of asset is consistent with your objectives. We evaluate your risk tolerance as well as present and future income needs to determine appropriate anticipated yields and relevant tax strategies. We will suggest a specific asset allocation to adjust your portfolio.
  • Estate Planning: In addition to reviewing wills and trusts to make specific planning suggestions, we will help you develop an estate plan that considers both dispositive and saving objectives.
  • Employee Benefit Coordination: We will review your company provided benefits and seek ways to enhance their value to you and to coordinate these benefits with personal insurance and investment and tax planning.
  • Educational Funding: We will address any issues you have related to educational funding. We will assist you in implementing strategies for a savings plan and assist in dealing with the financial aid process if appropriate.

If you would like to learn more about our financial planning services please contact us.