Karl W. Blovet & Associates

The starting point in the investment planning process is to establish financial goals. The time horizon for goals can be short, intermediate, or long-term. Typically goals include saving for a home, funding children’s education, and planning for retirement. In addition, we are all concerned about the more fundamental investment goals of capital accumulation, capital preservation, maximizing returns, and minimizing risk.

We will analyze your current portfolio to ensure that the mix of assets is consistent with your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk attitude. We evaluate your risk tolerance as well as present and future income needs to determine appropriate anticipated yields and relevant tax strategies. We will recommend a specific asset allocation to adjust your portfolio.

We generally review the results of all investments on a semi-annual basis. We consider the performance of each investment category. When the performance of any investment category is significantly less than anticipated we discuss the results with you, evaluate the impact on your long term goals, and suggest any recommended actions if appropriate.

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